Safety and Technical Policy Department

The Department is responsible for the coordination, formulation and review as well as monitoring of aviation technical policies with emphasis on the promotion of safety and security of civil aviation in Nigeria in line with international standards.

The Department carries out the following functions:

i. co-ordination and monitoring of the implementation of aviation policies by the parastatals of the Ministry including private operators;

ii. conducting and supervision of auditing/verification of the operation of parastatals to promote safety;

iii. supervision of the design, construction and maintenance of Federal Government owned airstrips and aerodromes including other non-revenue generating facilities of the aviation industry; and

iv. monitoring of technical projects of the Ministry and its agencies with a view to sustaining their implementation in line with extant rules. 


Successfully completed and commissioned the Dutse and Kebbi Airports

 Retained FAA Cat 1 status with its attendant benefits to the Air Transport system in Nigeria

 Assessed and monitored safety in the nation’s aerodromes and airspace

 Conducted safety and technical oversight on all Parastatals.

 Technically evaluated the proposed Airstrip sites – BUA Okpella, Olam, Rukuba, PrescoObaretin, Edo, Orleans invest, Onne

 Participated in the safety aspect of the Airports remodelling exercise

 Formulated technical policies on Air transport operations in Nigeria

 Supervised Agencies’ duties as it affects aerodrome certification, Air navigation systems and management, security, airworthiness standards, flight operations and meteorological services

 Served as the Chairman of Aeronautical Service Committee in the National Frequency Management Council of the Ministry of Communication Technology

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