The Federal Government on Monday 27th April 2020 announced the gradual phasing and controlled easing of the country’s lockdown especially in Ogun, Lagos and Abuja from the 4th May 2020. Following this announcement, it is important for the Civil Aviation Authority to start the process of getting the industry ready for an organized, safe, secure and efficient restart of flight operations when the nation’s airspace is reopened for business.

To this end, in addition to several All Operators Letters (AOLs) issued by NCAA containing protocols covering several functions and sectors of the industry during the Covid-19 locckdown, it has become imperative that ALL stakeholders in the Aviation Industry are provided relevant guidelines and protocols that shall be implemented to ensure an organized, safe, secure and efficient normalization of the industry operations for the post COVID-19 lockdown.

Therefore, the Authority is issuing an Advisory Circular with reference number NCAA-AC-FSG-001 with appendixes A,B,C providing guidelines and protocols to assist and guide all AOC Holders develop and implement their respective restart plans Post Covid-19 lockdown.

Action Required:

  1. All AOC Holders are required to review, demonstrate and or submit evidence of compliance with the provisions of Advisory Circular NCAA-AC-FSG-001 (download from or request for it by email to and its associated appendices before resumption of flight operations. (Note: Advisory Circular has provided immediate,short,medium and long –term plans guidelines- only the immediate term plans are required for the resumption of operations)
  1. All AOC holders will be required to notify the Authority of their intention to resume operations and will make themselves available to the Authority for a Post Covid-19 restart plan assessment.
  1. Upon satisfactory Post Covid-19 restart plan assessment by the Authority the AOC holders will be granted approval to resume operations by the Director General.

Please be guided accordingly,

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